Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Program Official Changes

Golden Visa Portugal Investment Funds Changes 2022
Lisbon, Portugal

As per the recent news regarding the amendments carried out in the Portuguese Investment Program (Golden Visa Portugal), we would like to inform you that last Friday the final regulation was approved by the Portuguese Government (Decree Law no. 14/2021 the 12th of February).

The main changes of the Portuguese Golden Visa program are:

1M euros capital transfer option will increase of the amount of the threshold to 1,5M euros capital transfer.

350.000,00 euros or more capital transfer for acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital funds option will increase of the amount of the threshold to 500.000,00 euros capital transfer.

Acquisition of Real Estate for housing of 500.000,00 euros or more and acquisition and restoration work of Real Estate for housing of the amount of 350.000,00 euros or more options. Properties for residential purpose to be eligible need to be purchased in regions with low population density or at the Islands of Madeira and Azores. To check the low population density areas please click here (page 2–4).

The amendments approved on last Friday are due to enter into force on the 1st of January 2022.

Finally, we also clarify that the previous terms and benefits of the program remain unchanged, such as:

The threshold amount of the 280.000,00 euros in real estate assets in the low population density areas of Portugal.

The possibility to renew the residence permit applications (for the main investor and the family reunion) already submitted under the terms of the existing regulation.

More information on the new changes:

Regarding habitational policy, the government seeks to promote balance and quality in territories, whether they are metropolitan, urban or rural regions, guaranteeing access to decent housing conditions for all.

What this means is that anyone seeking to buy a residential property in exchange for a golden visa in Lisbon, Porto or a coastal area like Algarve now has a golden window until the end of the year.

Removing the possibility to buy residential properties in the most sought-after locations but exempting commercial purchases.

The law makes it clear that a golden visa for the purchase of property for a value equal or above 500.000,00 euros will only be eligible if these properties are located at the Islands of Azores or Madeira, or in low population density on the mainland.

But for investors interested in commercial property, the new law holds no restrictions — and this has delighted the real estate sector.

Golden Visa Portugal Eligible Fund Investments

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Golden Visa Portugal Real Estate Investments

Lisbon, Porto, and Algarve will remain eligible for Golden Visa purpose at least until January 2022. So, if you still would like to move forward with the real estate option, now might be right time!If you still need help to find your property in Lisbon or near Lisbon, check out the new service of ABC Homes.

Thank you.

Capital transfer of the amount of at least 350.000€, to acquire units of an investment funds or venture capital fund to apply for Portuguese Golden Visa.